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335 HITS

Larry Carlton guitar lessonsLarry Carlton has been very generous to students of guitar over the course of his career. He’s given us countless solos and rhythm parts to study and emulate across his 3,000 sessions, 200 hit singles and 100 gold albums as a session player (some of us are still trying to nail that Kid Charlemagne solo!). Then he gave us the gift of 31 albums as a solo recording artist earning him 4 Grammys and 19 Grammy nominations. He’s treated us to a master series of lessons revealing his signature techniques, harmonic approaches and improvisational prowess in 335 Blues and 335 Improv. Yet over all these years, Larry’s never showed us exactly how he plays his hit songs from the first measure to the last… until now!

Larry Carlton’s 335 Hits is the first time that Larry lifts the hood on the exact voicings, melodies, fingerings and improvisational approaches that he uses when performing nine of his hit songs on stage; Room 335, Smiles & Smiles To Go, Alone But Never Alone, Hello Tomorrow, RCM, High Steppin’, Terry T, Kid Gloves and Red Hot Poker.

Using both electric and acoustic guitars, Larry performs each of the songs over the actual rhythm tracks from his Grammy-nominated Greatest Hits Rerecorded album.After each performance, Larry steps you through the song melody and rhythm parts measure-by-measure, chord-by-chord, note-by-note. True to Mr 335 form, the solos are improvised following the principles that Larry outlined in his 335 Improv course. While Larry does not break down the solos, we transcribed them note-by-note and include the corresponding tab, standard notation and Guitar Pro files in the course.

Everything in 335 Hits is transcribed, tabbed and notated. You’ll also get interactive tablature and notation (Guitar Pro 5/6 and Tux) so that you can loop any section of the song, see and hear the notation, adjust the tempo and play along to your heart’s delight.

Larry also includes all of the original rhythm tracks from the album to work with on your own. That means you’ll be playing with top session players Jeff Babko on keyboards, bassist Travis Carlton, über-drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and saxophonist Paul Cerra. Like we said… very generous!

Larry, on behalf of your guitar-playing fans all around the world — thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Larry Carlton guitar lessons“I’m excited about 335 IMPROV and the opportunity to present my own approach to improvisation,” Larry says, “which, as I demonstrate in the course, works just as well for me over rock, blues and pop as it does with jazz.” 335 IMPROV is organized into six sections. Each section covers a series of related topics and each uses a vamp or section from one of Carlton’s tunes as the practice track. The tracks were cherry-picked by Larry to provide a range of harmonic and rhythmic situations, in a variety of musical styles that will satisfy players of most every discipline.

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Larry Carlton guitar lessonsLarry Carlton’s 335 BLUES Interactive Video Software Course 335 BLUES, Larry’s first course in twenty years, imparts Carlton’s philosophical, technical and musical approach in a genre rich with expression and improvisation – the blues. Presented by TrueFire, 335 BLUES features 80 full-length interactive video lessons, text overviews, practice rhythm tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo. TrueFire’s video lesson player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other handy controls.

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