Larry Carlton & Robben Ford Unplugged


First ever acoustic performance recorded with Robben Ford!

The New Morning club in Paris presents the incredible – and long awaited – pairing of two guitar giants for their first Unplugged show. Imagine: Larry Carlton and Special Guest Robben Ford, two legendary guitarists… one stage unplugged… a guitar lover’s dream! This unique pairing of two all-time great guitar legends delivers an unforgettable evening of dueling guitar solos and an uncompromising evening of The Blues performed the way it was meant to be.

Nineteen-time GRAMMY NOMINEE, four-time GRAMMY WINNER and all-time guitar great, Larry Carlton established himself from his first recording, A Little Help From My Friends. His studio credits include musicians and groups like Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Herb Alpert, Quincy Jones, Bobby Bland, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and literally dozens of others. He went on to perform with the Crusaders and then with the multi platinum jazz super group Fourplay. With more than 30 albums to his credit and having performed on over 100 albums that have gone Gold or Platinum, Larry Carlton has set a standard for artistry that spans three decades.

Joining forces with Larry in Paris is Robben Ford who at 18 he was playing with the likes of Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Witherspoon, the L.A. Express with Tom Scott, George Harrison, and Joni Mitchell. He was a founding member of the Yellowjackets, then went on to tour with Miles Davis, Sadao Watanabe, and Little Feat. In 1992 he returned to his roots: the blues – a genre he masters in most exquisite grand style.

Track List
1. NM Blues 08
2. That Road
3. Monty
4. Cold Gold
5. Hand In Hand With The Blues
6. Amen AC
7. I Put A Spell On You
8. Rio Samba

DVD features: Before the Show

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Then & Now Box Set

Release Date: Sept 11, 2012

This is a once in a lifetime project! Larry Carlton has taken 21 tracks from albums he has previously recorded (Larry Carlton 1978, Sleepwalk 1982, and Strikes Twice 1980) and re-releasing them along with 14 NEW versions of original songs which features Larry recording electric and acoustic guitars to his classic songs and is titled “Four Hands & a Heart Volume One”. This 3-Disc CD set includes:

Then & Now Disc One
1) Room 335 (From Larry Carlton album)
2) Nite Crawler (From Larry Carlton album)
3) Point it Up (From Larry Carlton album)
4) Rio Samba (From Larry Carlton album)
5) Don’t Give it Up (From Larry Carlton album)
6) It Was Only Yesterday (From Larry Carlton album)
7) Last Nite (From Sleep Walk album)
8. Song For Katie (From Sleep Walk album)
9) Sleepwalk (From Sleep Walk album)
10) 10 PM (From Sleep Walk album)
11) For Love Alone (From Strikes Twice album)
12) Strikes Twice (From Strikes Twice album)
13) Springville (From Strikes Twice album)
14) Mullberry Street (From Strikes Twice album)

Then & Now Disc Two: (From Mr. 335 Live in Japan album 1978)
2) Mellow Out
3) Tight Squeeze
4) I’m Home
5) Rio Samba
6) (It Was) Only Yesterday
7) Point It Up

Also Includes Four Hands and a Heart Volume One
1) Room 335
2) Nite Crawler
3) Point it Up
4) Rio Samba
5) Don’t Give it Up
6) It Was Only Yesterday
7) Last Nite
8. Song For Katie
9) Sleepwalk
10) 10 PM
11) For Love Alone
12) Strikes Twice
13) Springville
14) Mullberry Street

In the liner notes Larry includes his thoughts on each track and why they are special to him.

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4 Hands & A Heart – Vol. 1

Release Date: Sept 11, 2012

This record is something special to Larry’s heart. He reviewed these previously recorded solo albums, “Larry Carlton”, “Strikes Twice”, and Sleepwalk” and picked tracks from them that really meant a great deal to him and recorded new electric/acoustic guitar versions of these classic Larry Carlton Tunes.

1) Room 335
2) Nite Crawler
3) Point it Up
4) Rio Samba
5) Don’t Give it Up
6) It Was Only Yesterday
7) Last Nite
8. Song For Katie
9) Sleepwalk
10) 10 PM
11) For Love Alone
12) Strikes Twice
13) Springville
14) Mullberry Street

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The Paris Concert

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Larry Carlton Trio - The Paris Concert$18.95 + shipping

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Video Sample from DVD

Listen to Audio Samples:

Track Listing:

1. Friday Night Shuffle
2. F”nnnnnnn
3. Walk With Me
4. Sunrise
5. Cold Gold
6. The Prince
7. Last Nite
8. Room 335
9. Comfort Zone
10. Burnable
11. BP Blues

With a Little Help from My Friends

Track Listing:
1. With A Little Help From My Friends
2. MacArthur Park
3. Don’t You Care?
4. When Sunny Gets Blue
5. Honey
6. Monday Monday
7. Eleanor Rigby
8. The Odd Couple
9. By The TIme I Get To Phoenix
10. People Get Ready

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Track Listing:
1. Easy Evil
2. I Cry Mercy
3. One More Chance
4. With Respect To Coltrane
5. American Family
6. Wavin’ And Smilin’
7. Captain, Captain
8. Free Way

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Larry Carlton (The Album)

Track Listing:
1. Room 335 [Long Album Version]
2. Where Did You Come From
3. Nite Crawler
4. Point It Up
5. Rio Samba
6. I Apologize
7. Don’t Give It Up
8. [It Was] Only Yesterday

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Strikes Twice

Track Listing:
1. Stikes Twice
2. Ain’t Nothin’ for a Heartache
3. Midnight Parade
4. The Magician
5. Springville
6. Mulberry Street
7. In My Blood
8. For Love Alone

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Track Listing:
1. Last Night
2. Blues Bird
3. Song for Katie
4. Frenchman’s Flat
5. Sleepwalk
6. Upper Kern
7. 10:00 P.M.
8. You Gotta Get It While You Can

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Eight Times Up

Track Listing:
1. Strikes Twice
2. Salud
3. Blues Bird
4. Black And White
5. Upper Kern
6. House On The Hill

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