Track Listing:
1. Breaking Ground
2. South Town
3. Tequila
4. Blues For T.J.
5. Song In The 5th Grade
6. Crusin’
7. L.A., N.Y.
8. Friends

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Last Nite

Track Listing:
1. So What
2. Don’t Give It Up
3. The B.P. Blues
4. All Blues
5. Last Nite
6. Emotions Wound Us So

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Alone But Never Alone

Track Listing:
1. Smiles And Smiles To Go
2. Perfect Peace
3. Carrying You
4. The Lord’s Prayer
5. High Steppin’
6. Whatever Happens
7. Pure Delight
8. Alone / But Never Alone

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Track Listing:
1. Hello Tomorrow
2. Those Eyes
3. Knock On Wood
4. Discovery
5. My Home Away From Home
6. March Of The Jazz Angels
7. Minute By Minute
8. A Place For Skipper
9. Her Favorite Song

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On Solid Ground

Track Listing:
1. Josie
2. All In Good Time
3. The Philosopher
4. Layla
5. On Solid Ground
6. The Waffer
7. Bubble Shuffle
8. Chapter II
9. Honey Samba
10. Sea Space

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Collection Vol. 1

Track Listing:
1. Small Town Girl
2. Smiles And Smiles To Go
3. Minute By Minute
4. For Heaven’s Sake
5. Nite Crawler
6. Blues For T.J.
7. 10 P.M.
8. Sleepwalk
9. Tequila
10. Bubble Shuffle
11. Hello Tomorrow
12. High Steppin’

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Renegade Gentlemen

“Since he left the Crusuders in 1977, Larry Carlton has recorded about a dozen fusion records which have increasingly become less rock-oriented and more of the generic-sounding soft music you hear on “smooth jazz” radio stations. This is unfortunate, because anyone who has heard Steely Dan’s song “Kid Charlamane” just once knows that LC is a damned good blues-based rock guitarist at heart. A few years ago Carlton enlisted lesser-known blues harmonicist Terry McMillan and recorded some songs that bring back this side of Larry, and it is a real treat to hear him in this format.

For this record, Carlton chucks the too-perfect pristine guitar playing in favor of some good ‘n’ dirty blues-rock licks that reminds us that he can spit and chew with Clapton as well as he can with Atkins. In McMillan he has found a soulmate for this project, a powerful harmonica player who is somewhat reminiscent of Little Walter and who holds his own against LC’s super-charged guitar. I sure wish he had sang on more songs, because he did some pretty good blues wailing on “Cold Day in Hell”, my favorite track on the record. But almost every other song is good, too. Larry himself sings on a couple of tracks, but he was never much of a singer. “Farm Jazz” is a high-powered and superior version of the song he orginally released on “Kid Gloves”. Other songs range from Allman Brothers to Robben Ford.

Carlton breaks no new ground on the record, but it is his most fun and enjoyable record in many years. He should do more of these. Welcome back home, Larry.”

Track Listing:
1. Crazy Mama
2. R.C.M.
3. Sleep Medicine
4. Cold Day In Hell
5. Anthem
6. Amen A.C.
7. Never Say Naw
8. Farm Jazz
9. Nothin’ Comes
10. Bogner
11. Red Hot Poker

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Kid Gloves

Track Listing:
1. Kid Gloves
2. The Preacher
3. Michele’s Whistle
4. Oui Oui Si
5. Heart to Heart
6. Just My Imagination
7. Where Be Mosada?
8. Farm Jazz
9. Terry T.
10. If I Could I Would

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Larry & Lee

“There is something special about two guitarists trading licks back and forth. Funny how four years after this album Larry Carlton would end up replacing Lee Ritenour in the group Fourplay. This album will not disappoint you if you’re a fan of either guitarist. Both men are incredibly talented with the guitar, and play with real drive and emotion.
The album starts out with a great tune in “Crosstown Kids”, which prepares you for what’s to come. “L.A. Underground” really steps it up with Ritenour leading the way, breaking in several places to give Carlton a place to play. On the cut, “After the Rain” they lay back and play a very smooth piece before turning it up again on “Remembering”. Throughout the album, these guitarists use each other to springboard to new levels of playing. They take turns expanding on an idea, combining their styles to really bring out some fun music.

There is some very good stuff on this album. Ritenour’s smooth playing is counterbalanced by the bluesy edge of Carlton’s. The complement is enjoyable, and it gives quite a coloring to the music. Guitar fans should find this album very impressive. It is one that I keep revisiting.” – Russell Diederich

Track Listing:
1. Crosstown Kids
2. Low Steppin’
3. L.A. Underground
4. Closed Door Jam
5. After The Rain
6. Remembering J.P.
7. Fun In The Dark
8. Lots About Nothin’
9. Take That
10. Up And Adam
11. Reflection Of A Guitar Player

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Christmas at My House

Track Listing:
1. The Christmas Song (Instrumental Version)
2. Winter Wonderland
3. Silent Night / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
4. White Christmas
5. The Holly And The Ivy
6. Ringing The Bells Of Christmas
7. What Child Is This?
8. The Little Drummer Boy
9. Joy To The World
10. My Favorite Things / We Three Kings Of Orient Are
11. The Christmas Song

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