The Gift

Track Listing:
1. Ridin’ The Treasure
2. Things We Said Today
3. Goin’ Nowhere
4. The Gift
5. Shop ‘Till You Drop
6. Pammie Dear
7. Osaka Cool
8. My Old Town
9. Mourning Dove
10. Buddy

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Collection Vol. 2

Track Listing:
1. Osaka Cool
2. Heart to Heart
3. March Of The Jazz Angels
4. Honey Samba
5. Pure Delight
6. Ridin’ The Treasure
7. Those Eyes
8. Lots About Nothin’
9. Farm Jazz
10. The Gift
11. Remembering J.P.

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“Everyone is grateful to have Larry Carlton among us, a gifted and imaginative guitarist who survived a gunman’s bullet in 1988. Sometimes, though, we wish the old Larry Carlton were still with us, the spark-spraying fusionist whose nimble flights of fancy electrified recordings by the Crusaders and Steely Dan (“Kid Charlemagne” from Royal Scam) as well his own solo works throughout the 1970s and into the mid-1980s. The appeal of the smooth-jazz gravy train has defused much of Carlton’s incendiary inventiveness, a conviction reinforced by the unruffled textures etched into Fingerprints, Carlton’s 20th career recording. Those textures, though, are faithful to the album’s apparent intent–to create a velvety-smooth soundtrack for late-night romance. No jarring oddities here, just sweetness and seduction throughout. Guests include smooth-jazz vets Abraham Laboriel, Kirk Whalum on sax, Jerry Hay on horns, Michael McDonald for a lone vocal track (“‘Til I Hurt You”), and Vince Gill, who duets transparently on “Gracias.” The pick of the litter: the closing track, “Crying Hands,” an expressive bit of slow-dance finesse that merits repeated listenings.” – Terry Wood

Track Listing:
1. Fingerprints
2. Silky Smooth
3. The Storyteller
4. ‘Til I Hurt You
5. Slave Song
6. All Thru The Night
7. Lazy Susan
8. Chicks With Kickstands
9. Gracias
10. Crying Hands

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No Substitutions

Larry Carlton - No Substitutions“Like 1990s guitar wonder-bands such as Los Lobotomys, Karizma, and L.A. Guitar Workshop, this live club recording from two session-masters is a lesson in controlled thuggery. Carlton has played some of the greatest electric solos ever, gunslinging for everyone from Joni Mitchell and The Crusaders to Steely Dan (“Kid Charlemagne”) and LA Express. Ex-Toto axe-king Lukather made his name stoking the mega-rock flames, but has also plied his pick to recordings by Patti Austin, Herb Alpert, Chet Atkins, and America.

That fusion has fallen on hard times doesn’t deter these two from giving their all in five numbers that display equal moments of bombast, artistry, and occasionally, brilliance. With drummer Greg Bissonette, bassist Chris Kent, and keyboardist Rick Jackson, the band kicks off with the testosterone-addled thump of “The Pump,” which initially recalls some escapees from Def Leppard until they settle into a mellow, grand groove and a web of coiled solos. Lukather is more at home in this kind of shredding setting, but that gives Carlton plenty of space to do the lyrical, sensitive-guy thing, while both spin walls of heavy sound on the bruising shuffle, “Don’t Give It Up.” A reggae-ized “All Blues” sounds a bit street-worn, but then Carlton enters in an understated Jim Hall tone that transforms the song until a schizophrenic speed demon takes over and momentarily kills the intimate vibe. Though No Substitutions will be mostly be gobbled up by guitarists and latent fusion heads, it could also add fire to any listener desiring rocking music to play with the windows rolled down.” – Ken Micallef

Track Listing:
1. The Pump
2. Don’t Give It Up
3. (It Was) Only Yesterday
4. All Blues
5. Room 335

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Deep Into It

Larry Carlton - Deep Into It“Thirty years ago, when Larry Carlton recorded the original version of “Put It Where You Want It,” he was the newest member of the legendary Crusaders. On “Deep into It,” featuring a long jamming remake of that classic tune, the guitarist is welcoming a new sax voice into the smooth-jazz fold, Chris Potter, heretofore known for his daring jazz work as a leader and with the Dave Holland Quintet. While Carlton doesn’t come close to meeting Potter halfway on the acoustic/smooth-jazz axis, the guitarist, as the title suggests, does dig a bit deeper into the smooth-jazz harmonic and rhythmic framework. Potter sounds as comfortable playing here as he does playing more adventurous music. His tone has a grittier edge than most smooth-jazz players, but it’s made palatable by Carlton’s familiar warm guitar sound. Programmers Carl Burnett and Rex Rideout sparkle on the title track, “Morning Magic,” and “Don’t Break My Heart,” while the tracks closest to the smooth-jazz center feature sax man Kirk Whalum or coproducer Paul Brown as composer and/or arranger, including a version of the Eagles’ beautiful song, “I Can’t Tell You Why,” featuring vocalist Shai.” – Mark Ruffin

Track Listing:
1. Put It Where You Want It
2. Deep Into It
3. Don’t Break My Heart
4. I Still Believe
5. Morning Magic
6. It’s A Groove Thang
7. Closer To Home
8. I Can’t Tell You Why
9. Like Butta’
10. Roll With It
11. Put It Where You Want It

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Sapphire Blue

Sapphire BlueIt is said that the sins of the father are visited on the sons, but sometimes Junior’s sins are visited on poor dad. Players like Larry Carlton, David Sanborn, Jaco Pastorius, and Eddie Van Halen developed new, personal sounds and techniques on their instruments that have since been bastardized by dozens of less-talented offspring, often leading to an unfair denigration of the progenitors. Carlton’s smooth, singing guitar tone has been adopted by a legion of hacks who would never be able to create the inventive solos the LA session ace supplied to Steely Dan (see: “Kid Charlemagne”), nor the revolutionary textures he bestowed upon Joni Mitchell (see: all of Court and Spark). Granted the requirements of radio have occasionally softened his own edge; but offered the chance to record anything he wants results in Sapphire Blue–a horn-section driven, blues-based outing that reminds us why he is, well, Larry Carlton. From the opening romp of “Friday Night Shuffle,” to the closing down-home acoustic/harmonica duet of “Take Me Down,” this disc offers undiluted guitar soul with no concessions to the “smooth jazz” canon. Any doubts will be quickly dispelled with one listen to the title tune, where drummer Billy Kilson (Dave Holland) is allowed to go brilliantly berserk under the climax of Carlton’s final solo. Throughout, Carlton’s greasy playing rivals some of his best work with the Crusaders, providing a textbook for a new generation of guitarists. Let’s hope that this time they learn the right lessons. – Michael Ross

Track Listing:
1. Friday Night Shuffle
2. A Pair of Kings
3. Night Sweats
4. Sapphire Blue
5. 7 for You
6. Slightly Dirty
7. Just an Excuse
8. Take Me Down

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Fire Wire

Fire Wire Larry CarltonTrack Listing:
1. Inkblot 11
2. Double Cross
3. Naked Truth
4. Surrender
5. Big Trouble
6. Goodbye
7. Dirty Donna’s House Party
8. The Prince
9. Sunrise
10. Mean Street

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Take Your Pick

The Grammy Award Winning album from Larry Carlton and Tak Matsumoto. This unique paring of modern Eastern and Western guitar styles promises to deliver a collection of music unlike any other.

Take Your Pick Larry CarltonTrack Listing:
1. Jazzy Bullets
2. Nite Crawler 2010
3. The Way We Were
4. Islands of Japan
5. Neon Blue
6. Tokyo Night
7. Hotalu
8. East West Stroll
9. Easy Mystery
10. ao
11. Take Your Pick
12. A Girl from China

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Live in Tokyo with Robben Ford

Larry Carlton - Live in TokyoLive in Tokyo with Robben Ford

Track Listing:
1. That Road
2. Burnable
3. Cold Gold
4. Rio Samba
5. Derrick’s Blues
6. Two Bad
7. Talk To Your Daughter

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Greatest Hits Rerecorded Vol. 1

Larry Carlton Greatest Hits“My decision to re-record my greatest hits came from a place of gratitude – for my career and to my loyal fans. I’ve grown so much as an artist I thought it would be really fun to breath new life and spirit into these, now classic songs. My hope is that you enjoy these new recordings as much as you did the first time you heard them. It’s been a total pleasure for me.” – Larry Carlton

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Track Listing:
1. All In Good Time
2. Room 335
3. Smiles and Smiles To Go
4. Hello Tomorrow
5. High Steppin’
6. Kid Gloves
7. RCM
8. Red Hot Poker
9. Terry T.

Audio Samples:
Larry Carlton – Greatest Hits by Larry Carlton

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