Help Larry Carlton Reach the Top of the Charts by Requesting “Back Stabbers”

Larry Carlton has been climbing up the jazz radio charts, and he needs your help to reach the top! Call up, email, or tweet your local jazz radio stations and request play of “Back Stabbers” from Larry Carlton’s latest album, “Larry Carlton Plays the Sound of Philadelphia.”

Here’s an audio sample of the track!
Larry Carlton – Back Stabbers – The Sound of Philadelphia by Larry Carlton

The Sound of Philadelphia - Larry CarltonKeep track of where Larry Carlton is on the jazz radio charts:

Larry is currently #8 on the top 50:

#3 on the indie charts:

#3 on the radar charts:

Larry Carlton Special on L1 Radio

There will be a Larry Carlton special on L1 Radio, with an interview recorded in Verviers, Belgium, on Saturday August 13th. The special will last approximately 45 minutes, and will be broadcast between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm local time (GMT+1). In US Eastern time this is between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. You can listen to the broadcast via internet.

You can use a browser and go to: (you may need the Windows Media Player plugin) CLICK HERE

You can also use one of the following URL’s in media player software with the ability to stream internet radio:
mms:// – Windows Media Audio Stream via MMS
rtsp:// – Windows Media Audio stream via RTSP – Windows Media Audio stream via HTTP – MP3 stream via HTTP

Tune in and let us know what you think of the interview on Larry’s guestbook or facebook!

…….Intro John Hendrix

1. 0.07 Stationcall LC
2. 4.40 Kid Charlemagne (Becker/Fagen) Steely Dan – cd The Royal Scam – MCA MCAD 31193 (1976)
3. 1.40 Int LC : I Started…..
4. 5.51 Stomp and buck dance (Henderson) – Crusaders – cd Southern Comfort – Blue Thumb MCAD 6016 (1976)
5. 1.20 Int LC : Huge influence….
6. 5.48 Smiles and smiles to go (Carlton) – Larry Carlton – cd Alone but never alone – MCA 5689 (1987)
7. 0.36 Int LC : As life is….
8. 5.28 Farm Jazz (Carlton) – Larry Carlton feat. Terry Mc Millan (1953-2007) – cd Renegade gentleman – GRP 97442 (1993)
9. 0.43 Int LC : 1982
10. 4.37 Sleepwalk (Farina/arr.Carlton) – Larry Carlton – cd Sleepwalk – GRP 01262 (1982)
11. 3.04 Interview Iain Lawson (telefoon Halifax GB)
12. 5.07 Honey samba (Carlton) – Larry Carlton – cd On solid ground – GRP 01062 (1989)
13. 027 Int LC : Own label….
14. 5.39 Room 335 (Carlton) – Larry Carlton – cd Larry Carlton – WEA K 56548

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