Then & Now Box Set

Release Date: Sept 11, 2012

This is a once in a lifetime project! Larry Carlton has taken 21 tracks from albums he has previously recorded (Larry Carlton 1978, Sleepwalk 1982, and Strikes Twice 1980) and re-releasing them along with 14 NEW versions of original songs which features Larry recording electric and acoustic guitars to his classic songs and is titled “Four Hands & a Heart Volume One”. This 3-Disc CD set includes:

Then & Now Disc One
1) Room 335 (From Larry Carlton album)
2) Nite Crawler (From Larry Carlton album)
3) Point it Up (From Larry Carlton album)
4) Rio Samba (From Larry Carlton album)
5) Don’t Give it Up (From Larry Carlton album)
6) It Was Only Yesterday (From Larry Carlton album)
7) Last Nite (From Sleep Walk album)
8. Song For Katie (From Sleep Walk album)
9) Sleepwalk (From Sleep Walk album)
10) 10 PM (From Sleep Walk album)
11) For Love Alone (From Strikes Twice album)
12) Strikes Twice (From Strikes Twice album)
13) Springville (From Strikes Twice album)
14) Mullberry Street (From Strikes Twice album)

Then & Now Disc Two: (From Mr. 335 Live in Japan album 1978)
2) Mellow Out
3) Tight Squeeze
4) I’m Home
5) Rio Samba
6) (It Was) Only Yesterday
7) Point It Up

Also Includes Four Hands and a Heart Volume One
1) Room 335
2) Nite Crawler
3) Point it Up
4) Rio Samba
5) Don’t Give it Up
6) It Was Only Yesterday
7) Last Nite
8. Song For Katie
9) Sleepwalk
10) 10 PM
11) For Love Alone
12) Strikes Twice
13) Springville
14) Mullberry Street

In the liner notes Larry includes his thoughts on each track and why they are special to him.

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